Being Fit & Healthy is

80% Nutrition & 20% Exercise

The battle between exercise and eating right has been going on for decades. The health and fitness industry promotes exercise as the primary vehicle to achieve health, wellness and longevity – with nutrition taking the back seat.

At Liviya we will show you that you CAN achieve a healthy body and mind by focusing on the 80/20 rule.   You CANNOT achieve this by focusing on exercise while eating badly.

Our internationally qualified nutrition coach will help you to plan cost-effective meals that include all the nutrients your body needs to become healthy. It’s that simple – just follow our nutrition tips, eating plans and online recipes and your battle is 80% won.

We can’t say it better than Hippocrates: “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~ Hippocrates (400 BC) ~

Our workouts are developed by professional Sports Scientists. Routines use minimal equipment and allow you to train safely – solo or in a group. With our step-by-step exercise instructions, it is easy to achieve your fitness goals, stay motivated and save on your monthly fitness expenses.

Cost Effective

With Liviya Nutrition and Fitness as your wellness coach, you can afford to live healthily.


We encourage collective participation not only at work level, but also at home and in the family environment -healthy families do life better.


Our approach encourages doable, healthy habits instead of short term easy fixes for both nutritious eating and exercise.

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Need a personalized Nutrition Plan?

Whether you are a subscriber or not, you may book an initial consultation at any time with our Nutrition Coach @R399 for a 1.5 hour online consultation. Follow-up online sessions can be booked once you have completed an initial consultation. These are @R299 for 1 hour.