How It Works

Sign up for our 12 month membership @ R299 per month and you will receive:

Our Simple 3 Step Process:

Step 1: The 7 Day Cleanse

  • Rids your body of toxins
  • Prepares you for weight loss

Step 2: The 4 Day Weight Loss Plan

  • Designed to make it easy to achieve your target weight
  • Eases you into a healthy lifestyle (4 days on; 3 days off)
  • Prepares you for Step 3: The Basic Nutrition and Fitness Plan

Step 3: The Basic Nutrition and Fitness Plan

  • Teaches you how to eat healthily all the time and maintain long term health
  • Incorporates 20 to 30 minutes of **exercise into your daily routine to assist in maintaining:
    • your healthy body weight
    • reducing stress
    • building your immune system

**Fitness plans are provided by NMU Biokinetics & Sport Science Unit

Membership also includes:

  • Healthy, cost effective recipes
  • Wellness coaching
  • Lifestyle advice
  • The Liviya Nutrition and Fitness App
The Liviya App

The Liviya app provides the clever technology  that our members need to eat healthily, exercise daily and keep track of their progress.

Our app will be your virtual wellness coach that will only be a swipe away.

You will have instant access to:

  • Your workouts
  • Your statistics
  • Our national wellness campaigns
  • Our Rewards Program
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Liviya Nutrition & Fitness Membership

R299/m x 12 Months
Need a personalized Nutrition Plan?

Whether you are a subscriber or not, you may book an initial consultation at any time with our Nutrition Coach @R399 for a 1.5 hour online consultation.

Follow-up online sessions can be booked once you have completed an initial consultation. These are @R299 for 1 hour.

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