Isn’t it fantastic that we can exercise any time of the day from 1st June! Research has indicated that more people are likely to exercise at home in future. So exercising solo or in small groups is becoming the new trend.

Our team has really started to enjoy running again. It is best to start with short distances and build up to 5 km. A regular 5K – like doing the weekly SA BIG 5k – is a great way to challenge yourself to reach your goals. Beginner runners should start by building a base using the run-walk method. Don’t worry about how far you run at first, rather focus on the amount of time you can run continuously. It is essential to remember to be patient and build up your running slowly to avoid injury.

Before you jump right into running your first 5km, remember to do some basic warm-up exercises. This will help to ensure that your muscles and joints are ready to run. Take a few minutes to prepare your mind for the run too.

Remember to cool down after your run. A basic cool down routine that includes some static stretches should be followed to help reduce muscle stiffness.

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