Running 5 km – like doing the SA BIG 5K every Saturday – is a fantastic way to challenge yourself and to shed a few lockdown accumulated kilograms. Although it may feel as if you are exercising alone or in a small group – you are part of a growing family of runners, all across South Africa, who are supporting each other to become fitter and healthier. Liviya Nutrition and Fitness supports the SA BIG 5K initiative as it is directly in line with one of our goals – namely to get South Africa “moving” again.

For those who missed our pre-race build-up video on Saturday 23rd May, here’s the link.

Remember that being fit and healthy is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and that Liviya Nutrition and Fitness is here to guide you – every step of the way.

We are busy creating a subscription-based wellness website where our internationally qualified nutritionist will take you  on a nutrition journey and our step-by-step exercise videos (developed by Professional Sport Scientists) will help you to achieve your fitness goals and stay motivated.

With Liviya Nutrition and Fitness as your lifestyle coach, you can now afford to live healthily.

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