Sewing Academy

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What We Offer:
  • Beginner machine sewing courses in straight stitch, overlocker and pattern making. These are all suitable for adults and children (from age 9)
  • Monthly get-togethers (social sewing) for those who already sew but just want a bit of guidance and company
  • Opportunities for women to earn an income by becoming sewing instructors throughout South Africa

Lessons available in Port Elizabeth, Despatch, Jo’burg & Cape Town

The benefits of sewing

For Everyone:
  • Reduced Stress

    Sewing encourages mindfulness and reduces stress and anxiety. The meditative action of sewing encourages positivity and feelings of relaxation.

  • Improved Motor Skills

    Sewing enhances motor skills. The attention to detail that sewing requires encourages hand-eye-coordination and improves a person’s ability to concentrate.

  • Stimulates Creativity

    Sewing requires creativity, which improves the brain’s ability to grow new brain cells.

  • Boost Positivity

    Like other craft activities, sewing increases dopamine in the brain, which makes us feel more positive.

  • Encourages Focus

    Because sewing makes you remember specific steps, it works the brain and keeps the mind clear, focused and active. This can help prevent dementia as you grow older.

12 Week Course

Beginner's Straight Stitch Sewing Course

From R180/class
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Short Course

Beginner's Pattern Making Course

From R280/class
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12 Week Course

Overlocking & Knitted Fabric for Beginners

From R180/class
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