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Our Story Begins

Michelle put on a lot of weight during her first pregnancy and even more weight when she became pregnant with twins. In her struggle to lose weight, she studied nutrition over a 7 year period. By implementing what she had learned, she created a new lifestyle which really worked for her and others too. She lost all the baby weight and more and has maintained her healthy physique ever since.

Michelle studied nutrition in London where she completed 3 diplomas through the School of Natural Sciences, namely:

S.N.H.S. Dip (Nutrition) & (Advanced Nutrition) (UK)
S.N.H.S. H.I.Dip (Higher International Diploma in Nutrition) (UK)

Through Liviya Nutrition and Fitness, Michelle’s goal is to teach women, men and children how to become the best versions of themselves and to live life to the fullest.

‘achieve the results I want’

I highly recommend Liviya. Michelle Rumbelow really helped me understand where my obstacles are in shedding fat and what I need to change in my lifestyle to achieve the results I want.

Trudie Swanepoel
‘achieve the results I want’
‘practical, time and cost effective’

It’s clear that Michelle Rumbelow and the Liviya Nutrition and Fitness team has a passion for people. Healthy and fit people. Their advise, meal suggestions and fitness plans are practical, time and cost effective.

Roslynn van Jaarsveld
‘practical, time and cost effective’
‘It is a great way to lose weight’

I will definitely recommend your diet.

It is a great way to lose weight – especially because you have 4 days of dieting and 3 days of relaxed eating. That makes it easier and feels like a reward.

Wessel van Heerden
‘It is a great way to lose weight’

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Wellness Journey

Wessel came to us as a fit healthy guy who was definitely not overweight, but felt that he had put on belly fat during lock down. Wessel lost 8.5kg and 14.5cm around his waist in just 9 weeks following our 4 Day Weightloss Programme.